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  1. The bucket or bottle needs some type of oil in it, like vegetable oil or flax oil.
  2. Can you take some screenshots of what you're seeing from various angles?
  3. From a player/end user experience, it'd be nice to earn Xskills cooking XP while using the mixing bowl, but I don't know what that would entail.
  4. For a related question, is the only change we need to make to the "serverconfig.json" file to point it to the correct .VCDBS world save file (plus mods folder if we're using mods)? Or do we need to make sure that config file has the correct world seed and other world settings (like map size and world config stuff)?
  5. When you click on the Mod Manager, do you see three mods listed there? There should be three "core" mods, "Essentials (Code)", "Creative Mode (Code)", and "Survival Mode (Code)". These three are the core required to play the base game, and should be installed on a default game client install. If you don't see them, I'd try running the installer for the game again to see if those get regenerated.
  6. I also find roofs to be the hardest part of builds. If you have an excess of fire clay, you might try using fire clay slabs and stairs to make the roof; I'd alternate slabs and stairs so it's not too steep. Edit: Taking a closer look at your screenshot, you may already be doing exactly this?
  7. Borax, shells, and other stones that turn into lime are ground in the quern.
  8. I believe for many of the world config settings to take effect, you need to restart the server, have you had a chance to try that yet?
  9. On the server-side there should be a `serverconfig.json` file that has all the initial world configuration settings in it. If you're unsure what to set them to, here's the wiki page on world config settings: https://wiki.vintagestory.at/index.php?title=List_of_server_commands#.2Fworldconfig I'm not sure about granting yourself an admin role, I haven't gotten that far in server management myself yet (I've just toyed around with setting up a server while using a single player "open to LAN" world to play with a friend).
  10. To double check, are you first getting the rot out of the bowls by throwing the bowl into water? And then do you have exactly 64 rot in the barrel?
  11. I'm not 100% on this, but I'm pretty sure gates open to the North or West, depending on orientation. It's likely coded that way.
  12. Pardon my pre-coffee reading skills. I missed the coronet part... >_> I swear I've seen a luxury goods merchant want to buy some jewelry, not sure if I've specifically seen the gold coronet as something they want to buy though. Double checking the wiki, yeah they have it on their "buy" rotation: https://wiki.vintagestory.at/index.php?title=Trading/en
  13. Gold nuggets can be used to alloy black bronze, of you can get 20 nuggets together and make a gold ingot.
  14. I haven't tested this, but I think it's on the 21st of the equinox/solstice months? The way I'd test this quickly is to create a new creative world with months set to 30 days, and then `/time speed 9999999` and watch the days fly by. I'd probably try slowing it down a bit on the 19th of June so you can see what time during which day the season changes.
  15. I'm not familiar with the brand, you likely need to download their software and see how you can "keybind" the extra buttons.
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