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Can you define how an item is transformed in different types of containers (barrel/bottle)

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I am trying to make a small mod to change the way wine from Expanded Foods cures. I want to have it so when the wine is put into a barrel it will still become vinegar , but if it is put into a bottle it will become a stronger type of wine. I have all the items I want already made, I just need to be pointed in the right direction I will figure out how to do it from there.


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The barrel recipe is separate from how it transitions in a bottle, and can be found under assets/game/recipes/barrel/winevinegar.json. I just realized I forgot to add wine to this recipe, so thanks for the reminder.

If you want to make a stronger wine (which is an idea I might just use later, if that's alright with you), then go to assets/expandedfoods/itemtypes/liquid/fruitwine.json. In the transitionableProps area you will see this:

	transitionableProps: [{
    		type: "Perish",
    		freshHours: { avg: 336 },
    		transitionHours: { avg: 144 },
    		transitionedStack: { type: "item", code: "game:rot" },
    		transitionRatio: 0.25
    		type: "Cure",
    		freshHours: { avg: 336 },
    		transitionHours: { avg: 1008 },
    		transitionedStack: { type: "item", code: "game:vinegarportion" },
    		transitionRatio: 1

The Perish one is the typical way things rot in this game. You want to change the item in the Cure section to something like expandedfoods:strongwineportion-{type}. Then you basically copy fruitwine.json, change the item's code to strongwineportion, and fiddle with the numbers and textures. 

I could probably do this and add a couple extra stages of wine, so you progress from juice > wine > strong wine > potent wine > vinegar.

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OK, so your fruitwine.json only refers to bottles. That's the file I based my 2 stages of wine after, but I made it so that once it becomes the final tier of wine, which takes 15 months, it doesn't have any transitions. That's why I was searching how to make the barrel still make wine into vinegar. 

I have no issue at all with you implementing these types of changes yourself, before I published the mod I was going to contact you to make sure it was ok to use your wine in my mod.

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My idea behind making them transition into vinegar is that the bottles aren't as well sealed as stuff like we have today. The bottles in Expanded Foods are just glasses with stoppers in them, so they aren't really sealed. 
I've thought about some kind of sealing mechanism similar to the way you can seal crocks, but... there's already enough to do. 😅

Anyway, publish whatever you want!

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