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Game lags/crashes when loading too many handbook recipes

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I found this issue while modding, but I noticed that it seems to be an issue with some vanilla recipes already, particularly the clutch and other mechanical recipes. It seems to happen to recipes that have a lot of permutations due to lots of wild cards being used in the recipe.

For example, if I add more recipes to the clutch, which already has a bit of lag, it causes the game to freeze to the point where I have to close it with the Task Manager. This is because I'm adding 13 recipes (12 bottles and a bucket) on top of it. Potentially more, if it's multiplying each of these by 4 due to each bottle/bucket holding one of the 4 kinds of food oil, but I'm not 100% sure if it does that. I don't think it does.

I chopped my mod down to make it easier to test, but all you need to do is open a world, hit H, and look up recipes for Angled Gears, Wooden Axles, Clutch, Wooden Toggle, Transmission, or Windmill Rotor. There is a very noticeable amount of lag. The recipes can be found under assets/expandedfoods/recipes/grid/oilitems/mechanicalblocks.json, but I can post it here if it helps.

I'm bringing this up because I think it's a little concerning that there are already lag issues without mods, but when considering them and future updates... this could come back to bite everybody.

ExpandedFoods_1.3.9 (My Version).zip mechanicalblocks.json

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