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Towards early release


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Exalted Vintarians!
Your next breaking news for Vintagestory.

Early Release
I've decided I will release a "Creative Mode Edition" within the following 2 months, before the planned release in 2017. This edition will not contain a playable survival mode but offer all of the elements to allow multiplayer creative building with some extras such as server modding support, a nice worldgen, massive configuration options and hopefully some decent camera tools to be able to make nice recordings of in-game creations.

The very first version will probably cost only 8 eur which will get you:

  • The full game as it is with all available features which is yours forever. No DLCs you would need to pay for extra.
  • No DRM, you can copy and download the game freely. However you will need a game account and log in at least once to be able to play
  • Obviously no restrictions in monetizations from uploaded videos of the game (e.g. on Youtube)
  • Any subsequent updates for 3 years for free. Once that expires you can get a renewal license for a quarter of the price for another 3 years upgrades.
  • A purchaser only forum area 

Updates Since Last Week

  • Added a number of new blocks and a few updates to the rendering engine to be able to draw them. 
    The blocks are Snow, Snow layer, Ice and Vines 
  • Dedicated a few days on improving worldgen again, in particular tree and block layer generation. Several trees look a lot better now and there's a first version of snow covered areas. Deserty and jungly areas will follow soon too now.
  • Finished implementation of random textures, this was missing for json models and could only applied to the whole block. Now you could have a pillar block with only 1 kind of texture for the top and bottom and any quantity of randomly chosen texture for the horizontal sides.
  • More work towards multiplayer (added a disconnected screen that displays the disconnect reason, made authentication of players via auth server work)
  • Saraty (and Devon) did some more work on the planks and logs texture and began redrawing all the tallgrass variants.

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