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Wilderlands Ethology


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6 hours ago, Peter Sanderson said:

I suspect some of your new smaller creatures like snakes and crabs may conflict with existing mobs in Primitive Survival. 

I have been conversing with S.F. a bit, and am adding a smaller crab entity that will not conflict with the ones P.S. adds. Actually basing the crab off of the P.S. model, with some modifications.  Same with the snake entities that will be included in the mod.

Thank you for making sure I was aware of that though! I want to make a mod that is compatible with other wildlife adding mods, so I am being as careful as I can to pay attention to those sorts of things. The goal for the Ethology mod is to add varied wildlife to the game world, and I will do my best to make sure it does not conflict with other existing animal entities other mods may include.

5 hours ago, Stephan Jerde said:

Depending on how big, pleistocene aurochs were well over 8' at the shoulder, weighing in at over a ton and a half. By the time they went extinct in the 1600s, they had shrunk to the point an average adult male was a "mere" 6' at the shoulder.

Thanks for the suggestion!

Medieval mod adds aurochs already, so I do not want to conflict with those should both mods be used on the same server. If I add cows, mine will have be of a different type, though very likely something unusual.

I have already come up with one decent looking waterbuffalo model (still needs some fine tuning), and am considering adding more varieties.

Waterbuffalo show up in many different climates around the world, and so adding a few different climate-specific species with different behaviors would be doable. Some cultures even milk waterbuffalo, so it could be feasible to add a breed that can be more easily domesticated and milked like a cow, and just drop cows from the list altogether.

All creatures in the Ethology update will show up in specific, well defined climate zones.  You will have to do a good bit of traveling to encounter all of them, and each "biome" should have at least one unique creature that shows up there and usually not anywhere else.  That is the plan, anyway.

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OK, my bad. There are a lot of mods I have not looked at yet, and now that Stable 16 is out, it's going to be a few weeks before I get to them. Based on the (presumed) storyline, it's probably more appropriate to come up with some megafauna descended from current stock, anyway.

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