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It's Games Convention Time! Meet us IRL!


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Splendid Vintarians! Its...

I'm excited to report that we have two confirmed events where we will be showcasing Vintage Story for this year. Come visit us at the..

  • East Coast Game Conference on the 17-19 of April in Raleigh / North Carolina / U.S.A
    Luke and Hayden will be presenting VS at Booth #70  on the opposite side of the Fortnite Lounge (warning: preliminary plan)
    You might be getting a peek on some of the new features and some nice perks to take with you 😉
    If you intend to visit ECGC, please do contact us, we might have a free ticket or 2 to give away.

  • ReVersed Festival 2018 on the 5-8 of July in Vienna / Austria / Europe
    Saraty, Tyron and Ben will attend and present at this festival. We hope to have a few more bombastic features ready to showcase by then! 

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