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price conversions for regions


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We are of course eager to have you as a member of our community :)

Unfortunately, only the development team can really speak on pricing strategies. But I can tell you that it's not a simple topic.

If they simply created a way to obtain the game for cheaper than usual, then everyone would use that way, not just for example residents of Russia. In order to prevent this, you would have to implement region locking in the software - and that is, I believe, illegal under European law. You would instead have to employ "soft" region locking methods, such as choosing a distributor that has individual shops for each individual country and region locks their user account (which is not illegal). Steam, for example, would be such a distributor. And as the first entry in the FAQ will tell you, there are multiple reasons for why Vintage Story is not being sold via Steam.

All in all, the game is incredibly cheap for the time you can spend playing it - a single ingame year can take 90 hours of IRL gameplay. Even if Euros convert very unfavorably into your local currency, consider how much you would normally be willing to spend on a game that may give you more than a hundred hours of gameplay. And how much the cost of each individual hour would then be, compared with watching a two-hour movie at a local theater (assuming they were open, of course).

Perhaps this is something worth saving for, even if it takes you a little while? After all, the game is still being actively developed, and if you buy it later, the game will be better than it is now. So you're not missing much by not buying right this instant.


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