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Herbs and cooking


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We have so many herbs and ingredients, but not much to do with it. I'll split this into two parts - Cooking/food recipes and herbal ones.

So, looking at the existing herbs and plants, they have IRL applications that could be useful in game:


Please note that this is an abridged version, only focusing on the benefits that could be useful in the game. 

-Heather can be used to treat certain kinds of pain, help sleep and treat colds.

-Lavender can relieve pain and improve sleep, in addition to being calming.

-Catmint has a calming effect, and can relieve congestion

-Dandelion can be eaten, and can help with some kinds of pain and infections

-Edelweiss, also can alleviate pain and sickness

-Forget-Me-Not can staunch bleeding, but also aid in eye or lung conditions. 

-Cow parsley has a multitude of different effects, including, but not limited to antiseptic, antioxidant and antibacterial. It can also help with sleep, pain and colds. 

-California poppy can relieve pain, and help with sleep. I'm sure you're noticing a pattern by now. It can be also used in case of fever, and applied to wounds as an antibacterial.

-Wild daisy can be used to clean up wounds

-Poinsettia is a little dangerous, but can be used to clear the body of toxins (Through uh, vomiting) and to clean wounds

-Horsetail can be used to treat frostbite, prevent bleeding, and to treat wounds. It's suspected to be toxic to animals

-Orange Mallow is edible, just like dandelions. It's very nutritious and can be used to thicken soups. It can remove toxins from the body and be used to treat bruises and cuts. It can also help with pain

-Saffron, other than being a horrendously expensive food spice, can be used medicinally for pain, improving sleep, and helping with cognitive issues

-Sage is a spice, but it also has benefits in aiding memory and learning

-Cilantro, other than as food, can help with bone growth.

I'm going to skip Basil, Thyme, Marjoram, Mint and Chamomile for now because they're well known, and I'm already getting a migraine. 


Anything can be useful if you know how to use it. 

Now, doesn't that just fill your head with ideas? 


As a form of "alchemy", you need to start with a Mortar&Pestle to grind down herbs. We use stuff like this in our daily life - Infusions in the form of teas, lavender incense or an aloe ointment.

In the game, you could dry herbs first (Which would be a great home decoration), and then mix them. 

So, focusing on recipes:

-Sleep Tonic: Mixed herbs in a tea to let you sleep longer through the night - Lavender, Heather, Catmint, Cow Parsley, Poppies and Saffron can all be used to this effect. The plants should all be interchangeable for this purpose. Let's say you need 3 or 4 herb items, you can use the same herb, or different kinds for more potency/longer sleep. Add the ground herbs to a bowl with water and warm it up - Then drink.

-Monster Repellent: A slow burning incense to prevent hostile mobs from spawning in the vicinity. Lavender, Catmint, Chamomile, Mint can be used as the calming agent. It can be mixed with Flax Twine, Saltpeter and Fat to make the actual burning bit. 

-Healing Poultice: A bandage with a herbal concoction smeared onto it to promote healing. Use a mixture of herbs to help with pain (Heather, Lavender, Dandelion, Edelweiss, Poppy), and stop the actual bleeding and disinfect the wound (Forget-Me-Not, Horsetail, Daisy, Cow-Parsley, Mallow), apply that to a bandage made of Flax Twine. I mentioned a Lunar Blossom flowers which only opens up during the night in the Discord. I was thinking it could be used as the basis for healing items like this. Alternatively, honey could be used for the same purpose, and it would help to provide the right consistency to the mixture.

-Fever Medication: If sickness or poison gets added, you could counter it drinking solution of Heather, Catmint, Dandelion, Edelweiss, Cow Parsley, Horsetail, Poppy in any combination. Warm up and add honey to finish the recipe. 



Now, this is probably going to be simpler, but due to the abundance of  Salt in the game world, it should be used as the basis of any foodstuff. Be it cured meat, soups or salads. Raw vegetable/bread nutritional value could be decreased when recipes are added.

It should be possible to use a knife on bamboo to get some Bamboo Bhoots for immediate eating or cooking. Seaweed would also make a great ingredient.

The Saguaro cactus can be pressed for oil or harvested for syrup.

-Soups/Stews: A Cauldron block over a fire pit would be required. Add salt, boil the water and then add ingredients. You should be able to use veggies, mushrooms and meat in them. Add some spices to finish off the recipe. The nutritional value could depend on the ingredients. Bone, Mallow or Meat should all be interchangeable as the soup base.

-Stir Fry: A pan would be needed; Use existing Fat or a new oil item (Which would give the new jar blocks a use, hint hint) and combine food to your hearts desire. Basic requirements: 3-4 ingredients (Meat, veggies, mushrooms, etc), 2 spice items, salt.

-Baking: Once a functional Oven is introduced, we could grind grain or rice into flour and bake cakes using honey and eggs. 

-Knife recipes: Since we have bread, sandwiches should be possible. Using rice, seaweed and mushrooms (Or fish, boiled eggs, soybeans...) could create sushi.


There's a ton more you can do of course, but I've been sitting at this for the last 3 hours :D


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There could also be the option for ointment for the outer application in which case you´d also need fat as base.

There are also many times in which you use alcohol to drain the herbs of their essences for example we got something here thats called "Schwedenelixier" which encompasses 11 herbs and is a kind of universal medicine(from constigation to heavy infections).

So maybe this could/should/might be paired with brewery/distilling.

If needed I might be able to provide for some herb information got a lil bit literature from the pharmacy. :)

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