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  1. Heyho, I am quite surprised to hear about this argument, will the feature stay ingame? And maybe get extended to other wildlife? I mean even deer bucks get into fights over a territory or female its nothing uncommon and would make the whole world kinda more natural. Either way keep up the good work.
  2. I must admit I ve never played the game but from the reviews I read I get the simulation of a psychosis with the following symptoms: - Hypervigilance ( character gets kind of a non controllable movement boost caused by some kind of fear or premonition) - Visual and Auditory Hallucinations that range from mundane to horrifying existences (which could be expressed through a random model change in mobs next to him?) - Agitation - Flashbacks (Why am I back at - add location - ?) - Intrusive thoughts (might make sense with lore since specific things can resurface through it) - Delusions All in all it is quite heavy to stomach and might be a feasible expansion to hardcore survival. If its just about making the player use more lighting in normal survival making animals fear fire/torches, weaken drifter (I can imagine them beeing a lot stronger than now) in a specific light level or make them unable to walk into real bright environments.
  3. Such things are part of the Human psyche since the dark also symbols the unknown and the unknown is scary. I might ve been a bit specific but I can´t imagine any other reason why you should lose control than getting shocked/scared by some kind of prank your mind is playing you. Also I didnt say that it should include any undead or gore, the example was just some kind of "free running mind lost in his own fantasy". And most fears in the dark in the wild that I can think about are kind of like "please dont let me meet with a wild animal that´s so hungry that it will hurt me", getting lost, beeing anxious about loneliness. Not to mention that a sanity system is quite hardcore to begin with. Oh and please dont mention anything like things in "Rim World" where not eating at a table will turn you either into a pyromaniac that burns everything burnable or into a psycho that tries to kill all his mates.
  4. Maybe some type of jump scare(control loss scenario) which is followed/accompanied by a ghastly sound like whispering could do the trick in terms of atmosphere. If such a thing is well done it totally gives you goosebumps over the whole back which fits the paranoia in a dark environment. Some kind of "Shadowplay" could also be quite nice if the torches project some kind of Devil on the Wall. E.g. You play VS on an evening its dark in the room and you are exploring a dark cave with a torch in hand. Suddenly you start hearing low voices(might be ghosts in the ruins you often find) you start looking for the source of the voices(maybe they indicate a specific creep) and the moment you turn to a specific point there is suddenly a black hand directly on your screen.( Or maybe large Violet/Yellow eyes staring at you). Not to mention since I read the thread I have an earworm of the Iron Maiden Classic "Fear of the Dark" which describes the kind of feel darkness gives quite accurately.
  5. Maybe make some kinds of "Fear of the Dark" reaction such as Paranoia which expresses itself through ghost sounds behind the back or maybe flickering shadows/ illusions in the field of view. Just found the same thing in Stroam´s Text, take it as if Ive never said anything >-<
  6. Lately I got dragged back to MC through some friends and we had to use the "Antique Atlas" for mapping in the beginner stages. I think it would be quite nice to make extra equipslot for a Map which provides then a minimap of the area where you ve been before, just that it is rough and might need some polishing from the player. Like "waypoints" in the form of a village, ore, really high mountains, lakes, streets and that maybe sizable to it fits the actual thing.
  7. I would also prefer full blocks on one hand it doesnt look weird if you decorate roads and on the other it could be made to look like a multilayer for stability.
  8. @Stroam still looking like this.
  9. Dunno if it´s just me but it just shows me the poll results no option to vote for.
  10. There could also be the option for ointment for the outer application in which case you´d also need fat as base. There are also many times in which you use alcohol to drain the herbs of their essences for example we got something here thats called "Schwedenelixier" which encompasses 11 herbs and is a kind of universal medicine(from constigation to heavy infections). So maybe this could/should/might be paired with brewery/distilling. If needed I might be able to provide for some herb information got a lil bit literature from the pharmacy.
  11. Telem

    How do you mine

    Well I was wondering "how do people mine in VS?" I must admit I´m kind off stuck with the habitual thinking of strip mining which kind of turns into a waste of time and ressources ^^
  12. How about multiple toolmodes?
  13. Well one of the goals could be transportation in multiplayer it´s normal to have multiple settlements which will, sooner or later, become connected to each other. Just today I had some chat with Stroam about trading and this should be possible in a time efficient manner. Things like windpowered chariots(holiday in denmark I´ve often seen people ride a surfboard with wheels on the beach) normal carriages maybe flying ships( remember the archimedes mod in MC?) could provide for that. In addition this could give another perspective for the great and beautiful worlds that are generated.
  14. Telem

    Weapon range

    I used an axe. It might be that it is only considered a tool and thats the reason why it was kinda short.
  15. Telem

    Weapon range

    While running around all over the place and getting bitten, rammed and swarmed to death I found the standard melee range to be a bit lacking. I don´t know if its only me but if e.g. a locust sits on the side of the block I am standing on, I wasn´t able to hit it in melee. It might be a misperception of range but it feels to me as if you have to somewhat cuddle in melee combat. So maybe upping the range of melee weapons would be an issue?
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