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Tamable/Ridable Animals (Mounts)


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I tried searching for it but didn't see it anywhere on the forums mentioning this, being able to tame wild animals such as the rams/wolves would be a really nice addition & make traveling a lot easier,
in my time playing i've liked to mix both traveling & survival, and apart of that comes down to how much i can travel with food being my main problem (Not a big issue with a ton of backed up food at home, but making sure i have enough to get back home & not carry so much that i don't have enough space for anything else)

I think it could be done in a somewhat realistic way, from what i've seen there are ways to lure animals to a certain area, then it becomes the challenge of maybe wrestling it (It runs around with you on it's back, you have to do a tap action maybe fast enough to stop the animal) it can bump things & dmg you, things like that, if you stop it you're then able to access an inventory to put a saddle on it & then it will follow you from there (And allow you to ride it)
Riding animals takes maybe 50% less hunger when traveling, and maybe you have to feed the animal & such, taking care of it like you would a pet

Edit: Just saw it's in frequently requested :^) Didn't see pinned but not sure why the search didn't show it

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Taming wolves has been mentioned elsewhere.  Currently one of the traders will buy a wolf pup (which cannot be obtained currently) indicated devs intend on making animals tamable.  Sheep/goats can be domesticated which is better than taming.  I believe that chickens and pigs will also become domesticated.  Check the handbook for more on domestication.

I look forward to dogs and beasts of burden that can be ridden and increase inventory capacity for travelling.  Patience, I'm sure it'll come as the devs continue to flesh out their game.  Remember this is early release (not even feature complete yet).

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