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Carpets (and rugs?)


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Hello countrymen, 

I know it's audacious for me to shoot suggestions so soon, but I feel like putting this out there. The carpets look amazing, however, they would look much better if they would use connected textures. What I mean by this can be shown by how the MC mod "Chisel" works (I attached an image of it on this post.)

Obviously the VS textures are infinitely superior to the ones in the image, but it shows the idea I'm trying to convey.

While I'm at it, something to consider adding is animal rugs, and animal skulls to use as decor. We already have one animal skull that looks fantastic, more of them for the other mobs we have would be crazy good.


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Carpets are already a thing in creative but haven't been added to vanilla I think because the dev team wants them to be decals, meaning you apply them to a block rather than them taking up the space of a block. There's already a mod that adds animal rugs and pelts. Skulls, that's not a bad idea but then they need to add bears because bear skulls are epic. Connected textures..... yes they would be neat but you don't always want them automatic when you are trying to go for a certain design so maybe you can make each square and put them down manually.

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