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Looty Stable and new Versioning Scheme (1.5.4)


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Full game updates list

  • Tweak: Lily pads now rock up and down with the water waves
  • Tweak: /clear command no longer clears the character/outfit inventory
  • Fixed: Blocks not place-able when there is a dropped item in the way
  • Fixed: Torchholder recipe not usable in survival mode
  • Fixed: Standing inside a lily pad block creates underwater fog
  • Fixed: Editing sign text deleting the 4th line

API/Modding Updates

  • Tweak: The block properties glowLevel and renderFlags are now marked obsolete, to be replaced with the more intuitive vertexFlags object

New Versioning Scheme
Sorry for the confusion with all the versioning stuff, please bear with me as we try to get into a good rhythm or versioning. Whatever releases I only upload on our Discord server will now be marked as a pre-release. Any unstable releases will be marked 'rc' for release candidate. So by this scheme I have to up the version to 1.5.4 now. Examples:

  • 1.5.4 - a public, stable release
  • 1.5.5-pre.1 - a private testing release (these will be also posted 
  • 1.5.5-pre.2
  • 1.5.5-rc.1 - a public release candidate (same as "unstable" is now)
  • 1.5.5-rc.2
  • 1.5.5 - another public, stable release

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