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recycle workitems?

Modern Anubis

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As far as I know, no, but someone may know something I don't.

v1.15 made it so larger items have to be broken down into bits with a chisel in the crafting grid before you can melt them in a crucible again. However, as far as I'm aware and have tested this only works on ingots, not work items (an oversight, maybe?). And since larger items (including work items) can no longer be placed in the crucible, your only choice would be to add another ingot and finish what you started, or hold the work item somewhere for if/when chiseling is implemented.

The only thing I'm aware of that you can recycle after a mistake is iron blooms, which you can put under a helve hammer to produce a perfect iron ingot even if it may be short of voxels. I have tried this with plates, but a helve hammer will not turn unfinished work items into plates as far as I can tell unless the crafting is set to a plate (maybe they could let you change your desired output from a work item in the future?). Even if it is set to a plate, however, it will not add voxels (unlike iron blooms), meaning you'd need to add extra ingots anyways.

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