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The Homesteading update, balance & stable patch #2 (v1.15.3-rc.1)


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Dear Community
v1.15.3-rc.1, an unstable release, can now be downloaded through the account manager.

We decided to rebalance some of the new survival challenges in this update, which we might re-introduce once players have ways to counter them. This includes

  • Wind pushing players is now disabled by default (already in v1.15.2)
  • Crop death stays, but a dead crop always returns a seed with a 100% chance
  • Bell and Locust cage spawn rate rate increased by 20%
  • You can now also use other fuel sources for the pit kiln instead of only firewood

This update includes some bugfixes that have the potential to break other things, so we'll release it as unstable first.


Chiseled block tiling tests by Ashe#9149, as shared on discord

All Game updates

  • Feature: Can now use charcoal, bituminous coal, lignite and peat in pit kilns. Affects firing time. Firewood: 1 day, Peat: 16 hours, Lignite: 14 hours, Bitu coal: 12 hours, charcoal: 10 hours
  • Tweak: Incease bell spawn rate by 20% increase locust cage spawn rate by 20%
  • Tweak: Dead crops now always drop seeds with a 100% chance
  • Tweak: A tool breaking from 0 durability now also spawns a few particles
  • Tweak: Minimap data should now also be safe against corruption from graceful game exits
  • Tweak: Drawing cave art now requires you to hold down the sprint key, in order to avoid accidental drawing. Also added interaction help info
  • Tweak: Removed crank from creative inventory
  • Fixed: Empty storage piles after firing kilns. (technical info: Still send block entity updates while the client is connecting)
  • Fixed: Crucibles with melted metal inside not place-able, looses its ability to smoke though, will fix in 1.16 or later
  • Fixed: Game crashing when powering pulverizers without caps
  • Fixed: Mitigate trader carts spawning on water (also now checks center position)
  • Fixed: Game crashing when opening charred bread handbook page
  • Fixed: Rope/Wood Ladder exchange bug
  • Fixed: Infinite pie
  • Fixed: Throwing a spear with 1 durability destroyed a second clean spear in inventory
  • Fixed: Game crashing when clicking 'New world' with vanilla mods disabled
  • Fixed: Clay shingles recoloring themselves when snowed upon
  • Fixed: Enabling/Disabling a mod did not refresh the list of playstyles
  • Fixed: Exception thrown on the server when a player disconnects which belongs to a group that no long exists
  • Fixed: Some Fn keys activating in-game hotkeys, thanks to Nexrem and Lyrthras
  • Fixed: Localization for block names of snow-covered roofing blocks
  • Fixed: Fern tree trunks occasional visual gap due to random height scaling
  • Fixed: Client crash caused on a specific location on the aura fury server
  • Fixed: Should fix ewes no longer lactating after chunk or world reload
  • Fixed: Pie nutrition properties not considering serving size
  • Fixed: Ewe lactating behavior and pit kilns should be now more robust against schematic export/import (i.e. without messed up timers)
  • Fixed: Eye cancer causing flicker on itemstack tool tips, e.g. when heating an item
  • Fixed: Several crushed resources had no recipe to create them (crushed lead, cinnabar and lapis). Crushed lead is now Crushed galena
  • Fixed: Missing/incorrect interaction help for honeycomb and skeps
  • Fixed: Applying fertilizer on terra preta made it turn into high fertiliy compost (only visual issue, did not affect growth rates)
  • Fixed: One sound track not in music category and thus not affected by the music volume slider
  • Api Fixed: Crafting bugs when block ids exceed 65535


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