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Small one #2


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I was doing some chisel work when i thought it would have been awesome to have similar guidence system like with knapping or Clay working.

I imagine it as we make one chiseled block like we do now and then we can "copy" it as design (it could show in our hand book) . Later when looking with chisel in hand on a block that can be chiseled and pressing "f" apart from option that we already have there would be book icon that after you press it would show all your designs (i think it would be best if they could be grouped in folders) and here is a question how much "power" you want those designs to have . I figured that fully copying like in Minecraft's mod chisel and bits is to much since its not yet in the game (considering that on creative we can copy them) and would break immersion.

I thought of 3 possibilities :

1. They only hold the shape and ignore materials so you can use each design on any chiselable block but if you want to have multi material  blocks you would need to change voxels yourself ( the ones that you want to be different material ofc)

2. They would be locked to blocks with the same materials used in original block and show you where you need to change voxels or just stright up do it themselves.

3. Just both 1and 2 as modes you can freely chose from.

As an addition i think it would be even better if those designs would be an profile file so we could use them on any save or server kinda like blueprints in factorio.

I think this solution would make it much less frustrating to chisel blocks on survival and maybe even open some new ways to craft things like stone coffin and grate blocks.

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