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Tony's Clay Stamp - Discontinue - Included in The Neolithic Mod

tony Liberatto

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This mod has been discontinued. 
It is now a part of "The Neolithic Mod"


The Clay Stamp


Make Clay bowls and ingot molds really fast.

The idea is that is Ok for the starting player to have to manually create bowls and molds, but once said player achieve some progress in the tech tree, he/she should be able to make it faster using Clay Stamps.

The mod adds 2 Clay Stamps, One for creating bowls, and one for creating ingot molds. once you have the Stamps, just right click with clay and it will instantly create the item.

To be immersive and not break gameplay the Stamps can only be made with Bronze and you first need to create a mold for the Stamp and pour melted bronze in it.

Attention, there is a visual glitch that makes it look like the liquid metal is pouring all over the block, just ignore it. it will work once it says 100%.









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