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I don't think many people play it, but Warframe is an online game with a surprisingly fair F2P system.

The titular Warframes are, in essence, robotic puppets which function as characters with different abilities. The combat system is fast paced with a multitude of options to dispatch the enemies. One caveat is that, while it's gorgeous, it's not for everyone - The multitude of light and particle effects are likely to cause eystrain, sensory overload or seizures to people prone to these conditions.

With that out of the way - The game is great. It keeps getting updated, and you really don't need to spend any money on it. The premium currency is used to trade with other players (And can be gained in such fashion) or to purchase cosmetics off the store. You CAN buy guns and frames through it, but it's a waste of money, as they are available normally. 

Does anyone here play it?

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