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The Homesteading update, balance & stable patch (v1.15.3)


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Dear Community
v1.15.3, a stable release, can now be downloaded through the account manager.

This should hopefully cover all remaining major issues and that some players were having. We'd still like to add a few bits of missing content in v1.15.4 and then move on to 1.16. 🎉

Shared by Bertramqaz#6287 on discord


Game updates

  • Everything from 1.15.3-rc.1
    • Feature: Can now use charcoal, bituminous coal, lignite and peat in pit kilns. Affects firing time. Firewood: 1 day, Peat: 16 hours, Lignite: 14 hours, Bitu coal: 12 hours, charcoal: 10 hours
    • Tweak: Increase bell spawn rate by 20% increase locust cage spawn rate by 20%
    • Tweak: Dead crops now always drop seeds with a 100% chance
    • Tweak: A tool breaking from 0 durability now also spawns a few particles
    • Tweak: Minimap data should now also be safe against corruption from graceful game exits
    • Tweak: Drawing cave art now requires you to hold down the sprint key, in order to avoid accidental drawing. Also added interaction help info
    • Tweak: Removed crank from creative inventory
    • Fixed: Empty storage piles after firing kilns. (technical info: Still send block entity updates while the client is connecting)
    • Fixed: Crucibles with melted metal inside not place-able, looses its ability to smoke though, will fix in 1.16 or later
    • Fixed: Game crashing when powering pulverizers without caps
    • Fixed: Mitigate trader carts spawning on water (also now checks center position)
    • Fixed: Game crashing when opening charred bread handbook page
    • Fixed: Rope/Wood Ladder exchange bug
    • Fixed: Infinite pie
    • Fixed: Throwing a spear with 1 durability destroyed a second clean spear in inventory
    • Fixed: Game crashing when clicking 'New world' with vanilla mods disabled
    • Fixed: Clay shingles recoloring themselves when snowed upon
    • Fixed: Enabling/Disabling a mod did not refresh the list of playstyles
    • Fixed: Exception thrown on the server when a player disconnects which belongs to a group that no long exists
    • Fixed: Some Fn keys activating in-game hotkeys, thanks to Nexrem and Lyrthras
    • Fixed: Localization for block names of snow-covered roofing blocks
    • Fixed: Fern tree trunks occasional visual gap due to random height scaling
    • Fixed: Client crash caused on a specific location on the aura fury server
    • Fixed: Should fix ewes no longer lactating after chunk or world reload
    • Fixed: Pie nutrition properties not considering serving size
    • Fixed: Ewe lactating behavior and pit kilns should be now more robust against schematic export/import (i.e. without messed up timers)
    • Fixed: Eye cancer causing flicker on itemstack tool tips, e.g. when heating an item
    • Fixed: Several crushed resources had no recipe to create them (crushed lead, cinnabar and lapis). Crushed lead is now Crushed galena
    • Fixed: Missing/incorrect interaction help for honeycomb and skeps
    • Fixed: Applying fertilizer on terra preta made it turn into high fertiliy compost (only visual issue, did not affect growth rates)
    • Fixed: One sound track not in music category and thus not affected by the music volume slider
    • Api Fixed: Crafting bugs when block ids exceed 65535
  • Feature: Added blocks and recipes for suevite, kimberlite, green-, white and redmarble Cobblestone, Cobble slab, Cobble stairs and dry stone fence. Next release we'll add drystone and stonebrick blocks&recipes.
  • Feature: You can now hit Spacebar to re-center your currently opened world map
  • Tweak: Removed halite, scoria and tuff dry stone. Scoria and Tuff will get re-added in the future.
  • Tweak: Removed mossy/lichen cobble stone from creative inventory and handbook. These blocks will be fully removed in the future.
  • Tweak: Removed wind dust particles during heavy precipitation, looks wrong otherwise
  • Fixed: Snow covered grass in summer in new chunks when travelling north
  • Fixed: Outdated .net colors link
  • Fixed: Collapsing coal piles spawning white particles
  • Fixed: Able to join 1.15.2 servers with 1.15.3, but that crashes the client
  • Fixed: Hens laying eggs in water and removing water in the process
  • Fixed: Invisible block topsides if snowed on and a fence is on top
  • Fixed: Snow particles submerged
  • Fixed: Snow falling through roofing
  • Fixed: Breaking snowed over roofing dropped a snowed over block
  • Fixed: Able to place floating oil lamps
  • api tweak: better crash message when the engine runs out of texture atlas space during color map loading



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Just a quick question: What is meant with

  • Tweak: Removed halite, scoria and tuff dry stone. Scoria and Tuff will get re-added in the future.

Is halite really completely removed? If so: Why?!

Or should it be "halite [...] dry stone", which would be a special kind of halite (?)

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5 hours ago, Dachantenne said:

Just a quick question: What is meant with

Is halite really completely removed? If so: Why?!

Or should it be "halite [...] dry stone", which would be a special kind of halite (?)

Dry stone is an alternate form of cobblestone, made with a stone brick in the middle instead of clay. It seems that that, specifically, was removed, rather than the stones themselves.

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