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Flower respawning!


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I have an idea for a mechanism to make flowers reusable. I do not suggest that flowers die, only that they grow and change with the seasons. 
It would be great if you planted flowers like a crop, and as the seasons change they appear as a bulb, then plant, then their flowers show, and finally turn withered and brownish.
They could do this at realistic intervals and not all at the same time. If they had a very slow spreading mechanic, such as a 2% chance per season. It would also be nice if they could regrow in the area they've originally generated at every year. 

In game they exist in small patches, but in real life flowers spread and can cover entire fields. The method of changing through the seasons would also make things feel alive and make spring totally exciting to look forward to. 

On aesthetics of nature, fall would also be more exciting if the reds, oranges, and yellows were much brighter than they currently are. It's a bit sickly/faded currently and I suppose that would fit with a horror/lovcraftian theme. IRL fall is an amazing time and the brilliant colors can be awesome to take in. 

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