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Most popular complaints and suggestions for Minecraft


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Or things we want to do better in Vintagestory.

Largest Complaints

Largest Suggestions / Wishes that were never realized

Minecraft updates seem to have been a long series of disappointments for some Minecraft players, with one exception. The is no siginificant complaints thread for the 1.5 update. Looking up the wiki, it really was a good update: http://minecraft.gamepedia.com/1.5

  • A beautiful new block (quartz)
  • Actually something nice for TerrainGen: Abandoned Mineshafts
  • Extremly interesting new mechanics (hopper, dropper, daylight sensor, redstone comparator, etc.) 
  • Improved Inventory controls 
  • Important fixes (lighting, much better texture pack support)

Anyhow this is mostly just me thinking out loud, but feel free to contribute.


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The most disappointing parts of their updates are the pointless additions/removals.

Examples include but are not limited to...

Polar Bears

The most useless mob added, it drops nothing and uses the wolf AI minus the taming part.

Golden Apples

At least the removable of the recipe was the problem, this was the only good use for gold.

Mesa biomes

They then proceed to increase the amount of gold you can find in this biome. With the loss of golden apples being craft able gold is useless


What I am saying is that when comes to games like this major game updates, not bug fixes need to be relevant and improve upon the game play, not ruin it.

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