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weather and seasons system


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This is going to show what I propose for calculating the weather system. This first section will be an overview. Next post will be the temperature algorithm. Third post rainfall algorithm. The fourth will go over how the first two algorithms combined with some noise will generate clouds and rain.

First, the height map is generated. From there each chunk has an average altitude and distance from the equator. Using those bits of information along with season and time of day a temperature will be calculated.
Next comes rainfall. Rainfall is s striped pattern of dry and we based on latitude. That gets you the average. From there the average is spread across the year concentrated more in spring and winter than summer and fall.

These bits of information combined with a noise generator will determine cloud patterns 4 times a day. When the pattern of clouds is above X density it will rain or snow depending on the temperature.

What this results in is nothing but rain at the equator, nothing but snow at the poles and the highest mountains, and then a mix everywhere else.

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