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Hardcore - Permadeath Options


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Vintage Story Mod - "Hardcore"
Because "Wilderness Survival" doesn't scare the hairs off your ass anymore.

Congratulations! You Died!... You Can't Come Back From Death.


This mod is hosted at Vintage Story ModDB at https://mods.vintagestory.at/hardcore


  • Single Player Option for Permadeath
  • Starts players out with one life
  • Chat Commands
    • "/revive {playername}" to add lives to player
    • "/smite {playername}" Kills named player, removing a life.
    • "/lives" to see lives
  • Admin of map will be kicked from server, but will be able to reenter.


Please make backups of your worlds before installing in an existing world However, this mod should work in an existing world.

Currently only works correctly in Single Player. Still working out bugs to get it to work on server, but this is in the works.

Planned for Next Issue

  • ModConfig with
  • Default Number of Lives
  • Whether Players will be Kicked or Banned
  • Whether Admin will be granted God Mode (No kick on death)
  • Allow all chat commands to run from a server world and be persistent


  • (x) Lives
  • Respawn as long as gear-bound
  • Options to recognize if PACT Mod is being used
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