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Worldmap Hotfix (v1.6.0-rc.2)


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Version 1.6.0-rc.2, a testing release, is now ready for download in the account manager. 

This release should fix all the show stoppers in rc.1, let's hope I didn't introduce new bugs by the bugfixes. 


Game updates

  • Feature: Fancy new main screen art \o/
  • Tweak: Animal AI Updates
    • Surface animals now prefer a relatively high light level, somewhat reducing the chance of them wandering into caves. Might also entice one or the other creature to rather stay in the forest than out in the open
    • Drifters/Locusts now prefer a low light level, somewhat reducing the chance of them wandering outside
    • Surface animals now despawn if they are exposed to darkness (below light level 8 ) for more than 5 minutes 
  • Tweak: Added worldedit command /we rebuildrainmap to fix broken rain height maps of all loaded chunks which is the cause of white pixels in the world map
  • Fixed: Recipe selector for knapping, smithing and clayforming selecting the wrong recipe
  • Fixed: Game crashing when opening the world map
  • Fixed: Game crashing when removing a waypoint
  • Fixed: /tp sometimes teleporting you to desired position and immediately back again
  • Fixed: Teleporter block being all wonky and not really working
  • Fixed: Teleporter block gui not opening
  • Fixed: Hotbar item info not centered and to far down
  • Fixed: /land claim grant not working
  • Fixed: Recipe errors during startup from modded items/blocks that are no longer in the game

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