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Auto-Fill Waypoints


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It would be really nice if waypoints would (or optionally could) auto-fill colour and icon if I already have an existing waypoint of the same name.

For example, I like to mark every cave with a sheer drop as "Pit" with red colour and the ladder-in-a-hole icon, so if I'm running for my life, I know to be careful in those areas.  It would save me so much tedium if, when I type "Pit" in the name field, the colour is automatically set to red and the icon to the ladder-in-a-hole, press Enter to leave the name field and Enter again to close the waypoint box.

If you have multiple different way points of the same name - say you mark "Cave" with different colours indicating whether or not you've lit them up or something - it would default to either the colour/icon of the first or the most recent.  Even at its worst - defaulting to things you want to change - it would be no worse than the present defaulting to a black dot.   This could only improve the player experience.

Further, having some keyboard commands to interact with the icon selection would also be a boon.

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Hey, i dont suppose youve much dabbled into the in-built macros yet, have you?

ALT+M should get you there, and i think what your looking for is /waypoint addati circle ~0 ~0 ~0 false red Example

this would create a red circle waypoint called Example where you stand that is unpinned(false). You could then set this to CTRL+SHIFT+E (in this case e for example, but i’ll quite often do r for resin, w for wolf, c for surface copper) and make sure to save, then you can make waypoints while you run!h

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