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Exquisite Vintarians!
We've tackled more challenges


  • 64 bit Architecture: It was tough to set up but the game can now run as 64 bit application. When you start the game it will automatically choose the right architecture (32bit or 64bit) and thus on 64bit systems the game is no longer limited to around 1.2gb of memory. That should allow massive view distances as long as the graphics card can handle it and make it run more stable overally.
  • Block id remapper:  Another boring, but important update. Every game world now remembers what blocks were loaded since last time played and dynamically changes the ids of blocks to match the game world. In simpler terms: If you add or remove a mod or block, the blocks in your old world will not get all mixed up because the blockids have changed.
  • Added per Block Particle Emitting Configuration: Making blocks emit particles is now just a matter of a few lines of json code. No programming skills required.
  • Made Multiplayer work again and managed to run a first server on a Linux Machine, but the multiplayer experience is fairly buggy right now and needs fixing.
  • Lot of progress in the complete block lineup that we want to have for the first release. We now have an absolutely awesome Lantern, Brick blocks, Shingles for Roofs, Doors that can be placed in any direction, upside down slabs, improved gravel and sand textures, 6 random textures for each plank type, and more.


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