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Classes as RPG Stats

Omega Haxors

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Instead of each trait being an individual attribute, instead split classes up into various stats. Naturally the Commoner will have stats perfect down the middle, but other classes may have more or less in a stat. Each stat usually has a downside that goes alongside it, but in cases where the upside can also be a detriment this won't be the case.


Strength: Increases melee damage, bow draw strength, break speed, reduces armor speed downside, but also increases hunger draw
Savage: Increases damage output but increases damage taken
Speed: Increases movement speed but also increases hunger draw slightly
Stealth: Reduces range in which animals and monsters can track you
Sight: At lower levels you are nearsighted and at high levels you are farsighted
Scavenge: Improves ability to find things in the wild at the cost of lower drops from organized harvests
Steal: Gained increased drops from looting but shopkeepers trust you less (worse/less trades)
Stature: Linearly increases your max health but lowers health regen speed

Specialization: Class-specific unlocks go here, so any traits that don't fit into the previous stats.


Stats can be added/removed/tweaked over time and retroactively modifies the existing classes.

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