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Overpowered Spells [Design Doc]

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Yep time for another cool mod idea that I will either finish in a week, or leave on the shelf for literal years.

Overpowered spells. You've unlocked the ability to make your wishes a reality. Whatever you want, you can do it.

At a cost. In fact, the cost is so high that it's not even worth doing in the first place. Oh well.
Come up with some "overpowered" spell ideas for an end-game magic system.


Stasis - Time flies when you're having fun, and by 'fun' I mean a ball of time-nullifying magic binding to your bones. Skip the day like you're using a bed, but without losing hunger.

Revert - Isn't it lame how your tools break down over time? Turn back the clock and watch as your tools unbreak before your very eyes!

Chaos - Unlike ordinary food which breaks down over time, Chaos food breaks down instantly!

Chill - Open a portal to the Ice Realm (otherwise known as the 'north pole') and turn the nearby vicinity into frost and snow and cooling it (and you) dramatically.

Heck - Open a portal to Heck (otherwise known as 'the nether') and watch as the environment boils and burns, heating you (and everything nearby) in the process.

Anchor - Perform a ritual to ground yourself to the mortal realm, restoring your stability to full instantly.

Blood -  Heart aflutter, on the brink of collapse; accept his offering and feel the crimson gift draw into your very veins.

Feast - Stomach rumbling, things are looking grim; accept his offering and feel your innards churning once more.

Sunshine - Close your eyes, imagine yourself in a better place. The sun is just around the corner.

Nightmare - The darkness closing in. Open your eyes, your world is about to get a whole lot worse.

Offset - Have you ever wanted to take a plot of land and just kinda... rip it out of the ground? No. Well now you can! Skybase!

Drought - A haiku: Big annoying lake. Stands in my way and looks ugly. But not any more.

Drench - Go a little overboard on the desertification? Need a new lake? We got you covered.

Soar - Take to the skies! Hope you brought wings because there's only one way down.

Meteor - A meteor will crash nearby. Probably on you. Absolutely on you.

Obsidian - Obsidian is immune to lava. Step 1: cover yourself in obsidian. You can figure out the rest.

Howl - A police siren makes every wolf chain howl for a few hours, preventing them from ambushing you.

Blink - You blink and suddenly you're at a random place at a random time. How does this keep happening?

Gravity - Clearly you don't understand the gravity of the situation. Your reasoning is completely upsidedown, side-to-side. Hey, I think I saw a youtube video about this.

Wealth - Wish fortune upon your allies, and cast poverty upon your enemies. Well, only the former. And not for yourself, but for the traders who seek to offer you goods.

Macro - Suddenly out of the blue, you are expand and expand and expand. Before you know it, you're the size of a building. Hey, I think I read a comic about this.

Light - Did you know that moths are passionately aroused by light? It's true. With this spell, you'll become a beacon of insect tantalization for the whole night.

Dark - Wrap yourself in darkness and fade into obscurity. Literally. You'll be impossible to see, but won't mask that odor. You'll need to cast Shower for that.

Instant Break - Instantly break any block, no question. Just one. One. Choose wisely!

Magnet - Don't you hate it when you try to trade something and it just goes yeeting into a nearby person because they had a magnet on? Be that person.

Nuclear - ICBM: Intense Casting of Block-deleting Magic

Turbo - Fast. Fast? Fast! Gotta go fast! Faster faster fasterfasterfaster. Yeaah! Chili dogs!

3D - "What do you mean the game's already 3D? It didn't even come with 3D glasses, that's false advertising."

Secret - What does it do? Nobody knows. If I told you then it wouldn't be a secret.

Swap - Swap positions with a random entity. Anything. Could be an animal, an item, or even another player.

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