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No drifters at all

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I'm playing in my first Vintage Story world and i'm a newbie. I've got the world settings: 

- disabled temporal mechanics
- delayed monsters 5 days

The game informed that monster are coming couple of days ago. I haven't seen any drifters yet. I did stand in the darkness, nothing.

Does the temporal mechanics include the drifter spawning? Did i disable all the drifter spawnings completely because of my settings? Or what is going on?

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There are some nights that I don't get a single drifter spawning, and some nights where there's TONS. I'm not sure of the mechanics of it, but I'd give it another few days before getting worried.

Temporal mechanics don't affect normal drifter spawn rates--disabling temporal storms gets rid of an event where a bunch of drifters spawn out in the open, and temporal stability affects how stable certain places in the world are (spending a long time in the less stable ones depletes your temporal stability and will eventually enter the Rust World). Neither will affect how many drifters spawn in the world outside of temporal storms.

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