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The Powerful Performance Patch (v1.6.6)


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Version 1.6.6, a stable release, is now ready for download in the account manager. 

Spent some time to improve memory usage and frame rate smoothness.


Game updates

  • Tweak: Improved godrays effect performance: Low quality godrays no longer have graphical glitches, making them on par with high quality godrays, so the high quality godrays setting is gone now. This eliminates the large fps drop that came with high quality godrays when looking at a 90 deg angle away from the sun
  • Tweak: Improved GUI redraw performance. This might fix the rare case where coordinate hud causes regular stutter.
  • Fixed: Two dozens of memory leaks in the GUI system
  • Fixed: Large memory leak when leaving a single- or multiplayer world
  • Fixed: Fox hitbox too large
  • Fixed: Windows Installer not asking for destination folder when the game is already installed
  • Fixed: (Rare?) Server side crash
  • Fixed: Gravel/Sand not falling in some cases where it should (e.g. when placed above water)
  • Fixed: Worldmap dialog coordinate tool tip emtpy right after opening it, until the mouse was moved

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