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Mighty Vintarians
The Progress never stops.

Boring text is boring

I'll try to record a video or two this weekend to give ya' all an overview on how the game looks like now. That should hopefully be a bit more exhilerating than my constant walls of text :D


  • The building blocks in the game received some extra love
    • Doors, the carpenters table and the sign block can now be placed in any 4 directions. 
    • All the torches properly attach to walls, emit colored particles, and they can no longer be attached to non-solid block sides
    • Added upside down slabs
    • We've added brick blocks and improved the textures for Sand, Gravel, and Shingles
      2016-08-17_20-25-03.png 2016-08-14_11-03-09.png 2016-08-14_11-16-47.png
    • All the stair blocks (planks, shingles, cobble) are now correctly, which means they have correct collision boxes and can be placed in 4 directions each up and down side.
    • We now have "wildvine ends" that give a nice looking end to the vines. Also fixed wildvines being wrongly shaded and wrongly biome colored. Did I already mention we can now generate 2x2 thick trees (all trees are made by the same generator)?
    • Finalized the flower pot, which now can hold any flower or sapling. It's my second favorite block after the lantern *_*
      Saraty still plans to make separate potted flower graphics to they fit nice and neat into the pot.
  • I've failed hard on trying to fix a lighting glitch when using coloured lights. I will have to refactor to a slightly simpler system. I'm currently using the HSV color space which seems impossible to get right, so probably will use RGB lights. RGB lights have a small glitch on their own, but a much less noticable one.
  • The particle system got 2 new properties: OpacityEvolve and SizeEvolve. With those I could make some quite nice smoke particles for the fire pit that increase in size and fade out over time. Freely configurable in each block as always.
  • Spent 3 hours finding a flipped -/+ sign that was causing block side shading glitches :/ 
  • Many bugfixes and minor tweaks and additions (/help alphabetically sorted, .clearchat clears the chat history, reloading shaders ingame now tells if an error happened, block particle colors now in HSV space). Multiplayer should work a bunch better again. Some weird new issues appeared with trying to start the server on linux which I'm trying to solve next.

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