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Invite Traders to Join Your Village


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The trader NPCs are currently scattered across the land, each are alone and isolated with their caravan wagons…

Until they meet YOU!

Each trader will have a “contract” item for sale that you can purchase with gears. At your base, you must build a building or have a room that meets specific parameters. It would have to be of certain dimensions and/or built with the right materials and it would have to have specific items as part of the decor based on each type of trader. Once the area meets these requirements, you can place the contract item in that room and the trader will move in! Multiple traders of the same type can be put within the same room or building but the requirements would be greater to accommodate the larger population. 
This would allow you to essentially build a village with NPCs and facilitate better trading and commerce. It would be useful both single and multiplayer. 

Essentially what I’m suggesting is a system of collecting NPCs similar to that of the game Starbound. 

Alternatively, you could capture the traders and make them into slaves, similar to Conan Exiles. 

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