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Multiple Servers on same Host, how do I specify the port?

BluePsion Gamer

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I've been having a lot of fun playing Vintage story and decided to set up a creative server also for me and my friend.  I am hosting on a debian machine using systemctl.  No issues connecting or setting it up.  The thing is I want to be able for us to pick what server we get on by the port number.  The default is 42420 and that is set to our normal world.

I set up the creative for 42421 and I can't figure out how to pick a different port in the game. I tried the normal method of a : then the port like this,

Host/IP Address:

But no luck.

How can I tell vintage story client to look for the server on a different port? Thank you!

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Here are a few tips for those on Windows machines. I cobbled this together after spelunking through the forum (and using Google's 'site:' search.)

  • Please note I'm a passible beginner (at best) and not even *close* to an expert. But this works for us. Kludgy probably, but that's enough sometimes.
  • This works for one Server running at a time. Others report success by cloning the VintageStory install directory to another location and referencing it in the Windows Desktop Shortcut. Sounds entirely plausible.
  • I installed a new instance and archived the standard user profile for later use. On windows this would be: C:\Users\<theusername>\AppData\Roaming\VintagestoryData. I simply extract and rename it as as my new Server Directory. It does work with an existing user configuration folder, it just has more stuff than what you really need.
  • To create a new world, I use Single Player mode to test them, then copy the '<name>.vcdbs' to the new Server 'Saves' folder.

Ok, now with two servers:

Windows Desktop Shortcut changes:

2020 World:
    Target:   X:\xdir\Vintagestory\VintagestoryServer.exe --dataPath=X:\xdir\VSWorld2020\
    Start In: X:\xdir\Vintagestory\
2021 World:
    Target:   X:\xdir\Vintagestory\VintagestoryServer.exe --dataPath=X:\xdir\VSWorld2021\
    Start in: X:\xdir\Vintagestory\

2021 Server Configuration:

Note: You need to be VERY aware of the changes you make, such as noticing the ',' at the end of the lines listed below. Always make a backup before changing anything. A good text editor (such as Notepad++) can help enormously.

Configuration file location: X:\xdir\VSWorld2021\serverconfig.json

Modify the ModPaths setting (if you want additional server specific Mods)
    "ModPaths": ["Mods","X:\\NonSteam\\VSWorlds\\SpooneyServer2020\\Mods" ],
Modify the "SaveFileLocation" setting:
    "SaveFileLocation": "X:\\xdir\\VSWorlds\\VSWorld2021\\Saves\\<servername>.vcdbs",
Modify the Port section:
    "Port": 42421,

Optional modifications:
    ServerName:	Ex:	"ServerName": "SpooneyWorld 2021",
    WorldName: Ex: "WorldName": "NewTelengard",
    WelcomeMessage: Ex:  "WelcomeMessage": "Welcome {0}, lets have some fun.",

Hope you find this of some use.


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