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This chunk is broken


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I found this really weirdly generated chunk. Maybe it's the final boss summoning area, idk XD

I tried placing some blocks in the area to reload it, but nothing has changed. It has a cave music, like it's a cave but on the surface.

Sorry for bad English.



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This looks familiar to another bug I encountered a few versions back. Including but not limited to: 1.15.2 - 1.15.5 and 1.15.6. (1.15.7 I'm still testing and haven't found kimberlite yet.)
But usually this kind of shadow was cast over the entire area of a surface layer of Kimberlite. Nothing above it to cast the shadow either.
Though... This almost void shadow also some times happens in forests near a cave entrance, or if there are Lichen in a cave underneath.

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