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Is there an armor bug?

clifford bowles

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First of all, loving this game, surprised I never heard of it. The wife and I play on LAN and have been admiring all of the amazing detail: changing seasons and daylight, weather, farming... love the automation stuff. Now we've been looking in deep caves in unstable areas ever since we achieved iron plate armor. Now admittedly the armor is probably 80% degraded, but the stats still read the same as when it was new. However, despite fighting sawblade locusts, corrupt drifters and even nightmare drifters in the past, it now seems like one hit knocks a third of my health off. We usually wear cloth armor on the run to a new cave then switch before descending... it's almost like it doesn't register that we switched to plate, which should mitigate the heavy hits.

Just curious.

Also, it seems like we should be able to repair armor. We fix our winter clothing which isn't a big investment in materials, but we can't fix armor (steel plate is a HUGE investment of time and materials, and it's not that much better than iron)... we should at least be able to repair it. I'm only halfway done (making a set of steel plate for each of us) and I know I won't make another. There doesn't really seem to be a reason to explore dungeons because there's no unique items (that I've found), and it takes a toll on the armor and weapons. We'll probably just stop searching caves once the armor starts to break because there's no reward and that armor takes hours and hours to make. Not griping, it's a risk/reward thing. But if we could repair armor, it might be more viable.

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They are heavy hitters after all.. I'd suggest going up against those baddies once you're gotten steel plate armor, if you absolutely have to tank them.
And god forbid you ever stumble across a Bell.
Bells, sawblades and nightmares melt through your armor like a heated blade through butter. Anything blow steel is arguably going to be tough to take hits for long.
I personally stick with Brigandine armor for cave explorations so it doesn't impair me so much in case I need to run. And keep your game volume up.. The best way to survive deep infested caves is to listen so you don't end up with a Bell sending hoards behind your back. Bringing a ton of expandable torches to temporarily light the cave to prevent spawns behind your back helps loads. Use your height to your advantage and try to to engage them head first. I've found cave travels more successful if I stick to outsmarting them rather than going head first into a nest.

Though I'm all in for fixing armors! That would be a huge help.

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Well, the current workaround most people have come up with is using chain mail as a base, wear it down till a certain % and then upgrade it to scale for example.
But obviously after that upgrade... If it's done it's done. I personally really hope we'll get to repair armor to some degree.
As in reality, patching holes and straightening out dents in chair armor or plate armor is doable.
For inspiration... Look how we're supposed to weld the two parts of the iron anvil together. Even without welding equipment, in primitive terms, it's still doable.

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