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Room 7x7x7 - still valid?


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I read on wiki and forum, that rooms should be max. 7x7x7 to be recognized as rooms.

I could not find if this is inclusive walls, so I tested it in creative.
My test was only simple "cellar" test, it the food stays longer fresh.

I tested it even with the 8x8x8 room (free space) and it worked.

My question is: Is the 7x7x7 dimension still a thing?


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The 7x7x7 room thing is for getting an indoor warmth bonus in winter. Cellars are something entirely different - they work off of the storage vessels checking for valid cellar blocks (stone and soil) in their vicinity. You even get a partial bonus for partial cellars. Whereas with the warmth bonus, you either have a valid room or you don't, there is no in-between.

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Yes, it needs to be cold outside. If you press C, the game shows you stats, including your current hunger rate in percent. When it's cold and you're outside, this number may climb by as much as +25%. If you are counted as being indoors, this no longer happens. So if you are outside in the snow and see (for example) 125%, and then you go through the door and it instantly drops to 100%, you'll know it works.

Or at least, that's how it worked in 1.14, I haven't actually played in 1.15 yet. Waiting for another update or so to before I start another world.

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I just tested it in creative world 1.15.7 and it looks like that hunger rate is not changing, but the body temperature is raising if you are in the room.
Even room 8x8x8 works. If you lit the fireplace on, than body temperature is rising quicker. Outside Temperature was unchanged.

Interesting is, that I had to change the time manually ("/time set 8") in creative world to get it work, otherwise the body temperature was not changing (maybe it just takes some time).
Other settings:
/worldconfig bodyTemperatureResistance 10
/worldconfig globalTemperature 0.1

Video (forget to change the language - not a big issue):


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