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Is this normal?


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I bought the game a few months ago and so far haven't played much except some in game days till winter came, after that i haven't played much do to work. Now while playing it again, i'm in this apocaliptyc night with 27+ drifter on the third night, wich didn't happen on my last time playing it, leaving aside the temporal storm wich happened in the 10th day. I'm playing with the default world setup. before making the base i checked the rift activity and it was low.


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Especially with the new update, there is now Rift Activity. Different areas have different activity and in turn, a variety of drifter spawn limits. As you can see in your character info screen.
Take it as a good sign! You're popular amongst drifters!

Every single one of them want a piece of you.
So make use of it for their drops!

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