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Wake up time! [mod request]


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I was thinking about how to improve the sleeping mechanics. Sleeping in game is helpful, but not quite necessary... Unlike in real life. May be, we could make a mod (mostly for single player and small servers) that actually forces the player to sleep. Should be up to you though, when to sleep. Either half a day or half a night.

You could punish sleepless characters by giving them nausia after two days uptime and reducing the nutrition values faster, the longer you lack sleeping. Maybe even lower the character's resistence to temporal instability.

In addition to that, I think of a craftable tool, called the "alarm clock". Should be craftable by the clock maker using some rusty gears, mechanical parts and a brass plate or stuff like that. Maybe a craftable bell or so.

Or take a step in between to craft clockworks for multi purpose uses, such as a decorative but functional wall clock, Cocoo clock and stuff like that.

The alarm clock, however, should wake you up from sleep at a designated time of day, so that you have the option of sleeping for just as many hours as you need or want, even if your bed would give you more rest than you want. 

I'm just starting mod making and already have other projects to do, but this idea could be picked up by someone. I would love to see those features, even if they wouldn't be fitting for servers with multiple, separatedly playing groups of players (for obvious reasons). That's an issue, that can't be addressed, I guess. But for my girlfriend and me, this would be such a cool thing to have 🙂

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