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Logout of my iMac session pressing B ingame


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Hello people,

I've noticed that sometimes when I press B to look at block type, I logout of my iMac session.

I have to put my username/password again, then every app that was running before restarts.

Infact, I go back to Vintage Story interface again.

This is happened to me twice: yesterday with version 1.6.9, today with version 1.6.10.

I'm on 10.13.6 MacOS.

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24 minutes ago, Tyron said:

Hm, could you perhaps map that function to another keyboard key so we can rule out that its nothing related to the hotkey itself?

Hello @Tyron  I did that. Happened the same. Logout from my current Mac session.

So, it's not related to "B" key.

Now I'm playing with all other apps closed, then I'll try to understand if there's some app that interferes with game.

Thanks for your attention!

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