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Experimenting with chimney smoke


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These are just a couple experiments with a very new singleplayer world, so the houses are pretty basic, sorry. But I've spent a while figuring out smoke:


This is woodsmoke for my cabin. The things on top are candles, and the 'smoke' is chiseled lake ice (I found it looks the most like smoke, although it's a pain to place because it turns back into water when you break it. Best to chisel it first and then try and place it). I'm not totally sold on how the candles look during the day, but it makes them look great at night.


This is a smithy (in progress, lol, don't judge), so I wanted there to look like there's soot as well. The specks are fat lamps, and then a mix of different chiseled stones just a few voxels big. The 'smoke' is again chiseled lake ice. I tried glacier ice as well. It didn't really work with my builds, but it could look good for a more industrial smoke.

You don't need to add light sources to the smoke (afaik chiseled lake ice isn't spawnable), but it illuminates the smoke at night, and looks pretty cool.


My cabin at night.



The smithy at night. The soot really comes into its own here, I think.

Chimney smoke is also good for navigation in a mapless world, since you can see it from a long way away.







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