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Unstable ground fog patch & chisel painting event (v1.15.8-rc.1)


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Dear Homesteaders
v1.15.8-rc.1, a unstable release, can now be downloaded through the account manager.

While working on our next major update, I noticed our pretty ground fog system stopped functioning in 1.15, that with a couple other notable issues made another stable patch worthwhile. Also I think I finally fixed the bug with Left click+Drag distributing of item stacks!

Oh ground fog, how I missed thee.

Chiseled Painting event results
In other news, the popular community driven VS server Aura Fury ran a very fruitful chiseled painting event called “Essence and Moments of Vintage Story”. Contestants were required to create chiseled painting in survival mode with vanilla items only. They had to use their own materials, tools, and follow a set of other contest rules. 12 contestants competed for a set of prices that were to be awarded to the top two painting chosen by the judges as well as one contestant chosen by community vote as their favorite.

The judges Ashantin, copygirl and Saraty chose Eye of the Storm by Aorsak for 1st place and Winds of Hope by Ahueono for 2nd place. Three honorable mentions in no particular order were: Every Farmland's Nightmare by Rammgirl, Hyenas by Kendi64, and The Edge of the Dragon Ruins by Arkan. The Aura Fury community voted for Risk & Opportunity by Aledark as their favorite. The works turned in by everyone were astounding it was hard for both the judges and the community to decide the winners! Congratulations to all the winners and all those who joined!

403878377_RiskOpportunitybyAledark.thumb.png.0c6c1b4ca710680bbf3150cbfb59aa73.png 978888384_WindsofHopebyAhueonao.thumb.png.e0bb0dae0e3453f0f62afa4ba1cd1107.png 1406167726_TwoSpiritsbyTheWigglesGaming.thumb.png.ca083545de41849a4e948da83f965bb6.png 1480757363_TransformationofBeautybyDrNoodle.thumb.png.5998f9622a367bc476744eb9ba4614e4.png

778127233_KingofFruitsbyXelephant.thumb.png.22accd067b48723971b68423352056d6.png 1731486977_JeweledDaisiesbyDon1819.thumb.png.7943c8750a19622c49f79522ad2f311a.png 1129894494_MorningBuzzbyHypnotique.thumb.png.3b4e1fc5a3a0cc564b6c0d5f4f754339.png 55993720_EveryFarmersNightmarebyRammgirl.thumb.png.ada0dab2e78905fb57e1a0b6eb2b1242.png

1031798832_EyeoftheStormbyAorsak.thumb.png.030ffe8e4f5384aab0e2f5314d5bfea7.png 1088024056_TheEdgeoftheDragonRuinsbyArkan.thumb.png.2cd4c73bbc40eea34c6e3a0974e3d391.png 2085242633_HyenasbyKendi64.thumb.png.2718d4d86d63117b55f6374efcb0cc04.png 77587353_TheStormbyTingcat.thumb.png.b1710612ebc1f128d9d07d690ed7a3a6.png


Game updates

  • Tweak: Improved world loading times (~42% faster loading times when using the BuildingPlus mod) (Technical info: Skip uncessarry regex captures, skip unecessary dictionary creation during block resolving, lazy load decal meshes,
  • Tweak: Fix client side lag spikes caused by containers
  • Tweak: Added additional info, and a link to the wiki, when describing block reinforcement system
  • Tweak: Added game launch vanilla mod/engine integrity check to prevent undefined behavior (technical info: Crash if survival/creative/essentials mod versiion and engine versions do not match)
  • Tweak: Improve sound debug logging to find Aledarks sound issues, more error reporting to find issue #1367
  • Fixed: Click+Drag distributing of items not distributing correctly, especially on high latency servers
  • Fixed: Ground mist effect not working
  • Fixed: Items that somehow ended up in the crafting grid got lost after rejoin/world reload
  • Fixed: Coloring lanterns did not update lighting server side, causing them to get lost after server restart
  • Fixed: Farmland perma boosters still applicable multiple times
  • Fixed: Chiseled blocks held item name did not use custom names
  • Fixed: Bright halo around cassava leaves
  • Fixed: GUI flicker when dressing/undressing clothes on non 100% resolution setting
  • Fixed: /weather seti not properly reloading weather config
  • Fixed: Reducing view distance while chunks are loading could cause eternal chunk load/unload loop, increasing server and client load
  • Fixed: Pit kiln not emitting light
  • Fixed: Pie stacksize desync issue
  • Fixed: Soldering iron usable as chisel o.O
  • Fixed: A few dozen texts were not translatable
  • Fixed: Armor infotext: Missing 'High damage tier resistant' notice on some armor, missing + sign on Ranged Weapon Charge Time
  • Fixed: Not able to ditch first item in creative inventory into the empty area
  • Fixed: Mouse stayed uncaptured when using .bsedit and no block was selected
  • Fixed: Fire clay chimney not in handbook
  • Fixed: Small oiled hide not craftable
  • Fixed: Text rendering/formatting issues when using japanese translations
  • Fixed: Broken slanted roofing not stacking with freshly crafted ones

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