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The Point of a Clay Oven?


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Clay Ovens are for baking pies and bread.

- Bread is made by grinding grains in a Quern to get flour, then crafting the flour in your inventory with a bucket full of water to get bread dough.

- Take two bread dough of the same type and crouch-click them onto a table to make a pie crust. Fill the pie crust with meat, cheese, vegetables, or fruit (and optionally crouch-click another two dough on top when it's full to create a lattice) to complete the pie.

Place either bread dough (up to 4) or raw pie (only 1) into the oven once it's hot to bake them. The oven tooltip and bread/pie color will tell you when it is done. To heat an oven, place firewood inside and light it--the wood will disappear once burned, giving you an empty, heated oven.

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