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Trying to set up a dedicated server

david ferreira
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Hey! me and a couple friends have been enjoying the game for a few days now, i had no trouble setting up port fowarding and up until now we have been playing by "Open to lan > open to internet" but that requires me to be in game. We wanted to set up a dedicated server and my pc surpases the minimum requirements, i started the server exe and it shows on the public listing but when i try to join i get the following error:

"Error conecting to host

A connection attemp failed because the connected party did not properly respond after a period of

time, or established connection failed beacause connected host failed to respond"

any help to fix this would be appreciated! for now we will keep using the other method.

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When you use the public listing, you will be trying to connect to your public internet IP. This IP is only reachable from the internet. You, however, are not coming from the internet. You're on the same local machine as the server is. For this reason, using the public listing may fail.

Instead, try the "Add New Server" button to create a custom entry. For the IP address, enter followed by a colon followed by your server's port. This is is your "loopback address" - that is, a unique IP address that points to yourself. Every computer has it. The word "localhost" can often be used as a stand-in.

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