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VS Replay Tool Like MC's Replay Mod - Would Help to Bring Creatives to VS.


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I believe Vintage Story should look at adding a replay feature like found in the Minecraft Mod, Replay Mod.

My Reasoning behind this is that it will bring more creatives to the game, with vintage story looking great out of the box compared to other block related games, it has a style that will easily set it apart in the creative world.

Replay features have existed as early as DOOM, in this version it just captures players and monsters inputs and then allows them to be played back. other games like call of duty allow you to capture shots from different angles and others even allow you to edit the replay to hid or show objects that simply were not there before.

This is how I would see it working in the game. From a player perspective, they would be able to edit the settings to of how the capture works, including how many frames would be captured per second, this is because you really wouldn't need to capture data every frame. They would then at the world selection screen get the choice to enable replays as I feel it shouldn't be active by default.

These settings would also allow server owners the ability to disable replays if they are not happy with them running on the server.


In game the player wouldn't see anything differently as there would be no need of them to. it would be worth showing the recording status in the pause menu with the options to pause and stop capturing.


Personally, this is where the power house of the feature should be the most, Allowing players, editors or anyone with the replay file and the world to make camera shots, add or remove text and items. create camera trails or following the players perspective. It would be worth looking at what tools a game engine like unreal gives you where you can set a camera on a path but have it looking at an object or player.


I am not sure how this would be achieved, which formats or even what would be possible from doing this outside of what MC's Replay mod has shown. From them you are able to take screenshots and videos at much higher resolutions then what your monitors are capable of, your even able to capture videos at high framerates meaning that even weak computers can create a great looking video at a high framerate with no issue.

Long idea, I know but I am hoping with knocking some detail into this that maybe something will come of it. I am a programmer myself so I am fully aware this is a huge task/undertaking but I feel like it is something that will definitely give vintage story an edge that no other main stream voxel game has natively.

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