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Object Placement

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Just discovered the game and really enjoying it. I've run into a couple of things that I can't seem to find answers for:

  1. Log building placement: I see buildings with logs placed horizontally in a log cabin style, but I only seem to be able to place them vertically?
  2. Objects placed on slab (e.g. storage vessels, furniture...) float 1/2 block above the surface. Is there a way to make them sit normally?


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Welcome to the forums :)

Placement of blocks can be context-sensitive. For example, it can depend on the direction you are currently standing/looking, or on which side of another block you try to attach something. With logs, for example, try placing them on the side of another block, not the top, if you want a horizontal placement.

As for lower-half slabs, no, you cannot place objects directly on them without a gap. The game works in a block grid, and every object occupies a block space. You cannot have an object sit halfway between two block spaces, and especially not have it invade the space that another object is already occupying. Even if the lower-half slab looks like it is only the size of half a block, it is still an object, and it still occupies its block space completely. You can verify this by trying to place a second slab on top of the first one. They should both fit in the same space, but they do not. Each is an object, and each wants its own exclusive block space.

Now, there are potential solutions to this limitation that could be implemented. Minecraft for instance allows you to place two slabs into the same block space by way of secretly deleting the first slab and replacing it by a full block that looks like it is made out of two slabs. That way it can maintain the "one block space, one object" rule. But right now, Vintage Story does not implement such a thing. Maybe it might at some point in the future? Who knows. For now, the game is still a long way from finished, and with only one person working on code, new features take priority.

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