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Achievements in game

Hayden Williams

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okay apart from completionist stuff most achievements/advancements should be based on the player progressing through the game (not collecting stuff).

Definitely all the firsts, first knapping project, first time panning, first finished (formed and burned) clay project, first charcoal pit, first time smelting metal, first smithing project, first coke oven, first steel, ... first domesticated animal, first killed mob, first trade, first time slept in a bed, first complete set of armour doned... This kind of achievements does motivate first timers to go through the stages, gives some kind of guide what you'll need to do to advance to a specific techlevel and keeps motivation early on until they get inspired and become intrinsically motivated.

Then maybe the completionist stuff as mentioned above, like find every piece of lore, collect stones of every type, mine every oretype, domesticate each type of animal that can be domesticated, ...

Stat trackers and milestones could be interesting too, "sprinter" (ran 100m), "marathon runner" (ran a distance of 42195 meters), "in 80 days" (traversed 40075017 meters) and "been there done that" (went to every worldborder), ...

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