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Storm Teleport


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Mod DB Post

Fences won't be enough anymore. - My take on trying to rebalance temporal storms a bit.


Adding a few change to drifters

- During temporal storms, drifters will being to teleport erratically

- Removed the ability for drifters to spawn too close to you*


and as an added bonus, drifters won't teleport into solid blocks.


The mod has some freedom to configure it as you see fit
The variables that can be changed in the patch .json -


(You will need to unzip the mod to save these changes)

onlyDuringStorms - true/false
 false - Allows drifters to teleport at all times instead of only during temporal storms 

MinCooldown - interger
MaxCooldown - interger
This controls how often the drifters can teleport, a higher number will result in few teleports

StrengthMod - float
Adds a minimum distance for how far drifters teleport, when they teleport.


*Additionally you can disable the spawn changes here too
spawnCloserDuringLowStability - true/false
true - reverts the changes made, drifters will spawn closer again


Mod is only required on the server.

See the Mod DB Post for downloads.


Change Log

  • 1.0.0 - Initial release for game version 1.15.10
  • 1.1.0 - Updated to game version 1.16.0
    • Added aggressive targeted teleporting - Drifters with targets can occasionally close the gap.           


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