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Suggestion: Cultists (aka, bandits).


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First thing that i discover from my own experiance in this game that it doesn't have that much fights in pve. 

In world we only have: traders, mobs (especially wolves) and drifters. And the only danger of being killed only comes from wolfs and drifters. Pretty lame isn't it? So what do i suggest is: Cultist.

  • Can be found in every biome on surface(even in underground rarely)
  • Spawn in groups
  • Agressive towards player
  • Have different roles(warrior, archer, healer maybe priest)
  • They have new clothing, cosmetics
  • Have different personality 
  • Belive in their religion.

In my opinion they can diversify gameplay, like you see them and run around avoiding contact or kill them for loot.(and sell it for good price)

Maybe even add new trader that will buy everything you stole from them and players.

Also more about cosmetics, religion and their role in lore. Cosmetics: will be new masks, amulets bracelets and new weapons,(thruble for priest),with new mechanics.

Religion and lore: Because this game has a lovecraftlike story i thinked that cultist would fit really good. I think that the best religion for them would be about drifters and "Rust World"

or "rust" God, something like that. In that scenario they would have close impact on story (perhaps by them we can discover more things about "Rust World"and solve more mysteries about this cruel world).

Appreciate ya all for reading, hope that i given you new ideas to think about and see ya!





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