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Homesteading part 2, half a combat update, more creative mode blocks (v1.16.0-rc.3)


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Dear Homesteaders
v1.16.0-rc.3, a unstable release, can now be downloaded through the account manager.

Besides the usual round of fixes, we've also added a few extra creative mode blocks that felt lacking. They are essentially a subset of the current creative blocks, but light emitting. One with light level 22, and the other one with light level 4, the latter of which allows for some interesting chiseling possibilities. In total, there are 58 new creative mode light source blocks. I hope it inspires you to make some fancy colorful builds ^_^ 

Here are all the strongly light emitting ones

And a smaller selection of the faint light sources, but still strongly glowing ones, chiseled into rock:


Game updates

  • Feature: Added 2 new sets of colorful creative mode blocks. One set of strong light and another with weak light, but both with max glow.
  • Feature: Leather can now be dyed to make certain clothes (and a shield) instead of making the clothes in a barrel.
  • Tweak: Boosted durability of steel armor to make it worthwhile (lamellar: 950->1600, brigandine: 1900->2600, chain: 1000->2000, scale: 2000->3500, steel: 3200->5500)
  • Tweak: Added guides for alcohol and fruit trees, and other minor handbook entries.
  • Tweak: Added recycling recipes for hay bed and thatched roof
  • Tweak: Improved 1st person sling animation.
  • Tweak: Leather is now a 3d model instead of a 2d sprite.
  • Tweak: Slightly reduce fern tree density
  • Tweak: Game crash resistance against corrupted large gears on TOPTS
  • Tweak: Reduced cave art material cost by 50% (consume the pigment every 1/15 times instead of 1/10)
  • Tweak/Fixed: Moving liquids on stacked liquid containers should now work correctly
  • Fixed: Game crash when looking at rotten pots
  • Fixed: Game crashing when an invalid language was set in the clientsettings.json
  • Fixed: Should fix "incorrect srgb profile" error log spam on Linux
  • Fixed: Should fix startup issues on some Linux distris
  • Fixed: Waypoint names lost
  • Fixed: Player intoxication not removed upon death
  • Fixed: Server side crash when using a spear
  • Fixed: Items in gui not glowing
  • Fixed: Unable to place water with the bucket in some cases
  • Fixed: .tfedit with empty hands left the mouse unlocked
  • Fixed: Unable to remove cave art with the watering can
  • Fixed: Transforms of the jug too large
  • Fixed: Wrong flowering/fruiting/ripe info on fruit trees. The same issue probably also broke the fruiting cycle upon chunk reload.
  • Fixed: Earthball texture inconsistency
  • api Fixed: Unclear error with the new addeach json patch feature
  • api tweak: Toggling LShift now shows/hides attribute info over hovered items right away


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