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firepit and quern increase memory usage


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To keep it simple. Through normal gameplay you open firepits often. To smelt copper or to cook food etc. But after prolonged gameplay putting items in said firepit freezes the game for split second, full seconds if you spam in items quickly. Same goes for quern. I noticed my Rainmeter telling me I am almost using all of my RAM. So I opened MSI Afterburner to check what else might be up and after testing I found this. When in-game I do mentioned above and put it item and freeze my "Pagefile memory" goes up. Along with it goes up my GPU memory and tops out. Once Pagefile memory is full RAM starts going up and then tops out too. The game doesn't free up the memory, only what frees up memory is restarting the game. Despite using all memory the game still runs smoothly and only that bugged firepit or quern lag the game. All new ones or old ones not used since last loaded game are running fine. Chests are not affected.

To replicate. Open and close firepit/quern enough times. Put in items and freeze a tiny bit. If you put items in quicker and game freezes harder. Your Pagefile memory should go up, along should GPU memory. Once former tops out then RAM starts going up. CPU usage, temperatures and all else seem fine.

Game version 1.6.11

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