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The Cooking From Scratch Update (v1.7-rc.1)


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Version 1.7-rc.1, a testing release, is now ready for download in the account manager. 

The goal of version 1.7 was to add more gameplay mechanics and boy do we have lots of new gameplay. I'm still the sole programmer for all the gameplay content but nonetheless we somehow managed to cram in a huge amount of tweaks and features into this update. The trader update didn't make it, the mechanics are basically finished, but I find it needs some more balancing and also is probably better bundled with a future worldgen update. 

We added some experimental new sounds and animations - for the spear, axe and pickaxe. These might change still if they don't feel pleasant during long-term play. 

Enjoy! ❤️

Pretty pictures

Animal Husbandry: Boars, Bighhorn sheep and Chicken can now be fed with Troughs, which will cause them to reproduce. Chickens will lay eggs every 8-15 days. Each generation of raised animal will be less afraid of players. 

Cooking System: You can now cook porridge, stew, cooked vegetables and soup in a pot over the fire pit. Each of them are dynamically composed based on the ingredients you put, allowing for a huge variety of meals.




Nutrient System: Reduced base Health points from 20 down to 15 points. Can now raise max health points until 25 hp when eating food from every nutrient category.0-nutrientlevels.png.be459dd0d226b95b2f08db2795938323.png

Much Improved Dropped Items: Dropped items now behave more realistically and move out of blocks



3D Models for Meat, Bread, Ingots and Stones. More Meat varieties

Improved farming: You're no longer need to plant besides water, you can water your farmland with a watering can, which keeps the soil moist for 24 in-game hours. Hoeing the ground is no longer instant. Added cabbage crop. All crops require twice as much time to grow.
watering-small-short.gif.476355e8f8058d8b792130974cd9a27c.gif hoeing-small.gif.851a28c2af141112880a55dc667603fe.gif


Improved bucketry: Buckets now can hold up to 10 litres of water or honey. Dough crafting recipe is now much more liberal as it is now shapeless simply consumes 1 litre of water per dough. Can now pour honey into the bucket and take it out again

Combat improvements: Spear Attack animation is now much improved and the hit feedback is now instant instead of delayed


Drag left click to distribute items in inventory. Also can now do CTLR + Left/right cursor to jump words when editing text

Improved Lava: Now more glowy and has bubbles

Improved mining experience
More particles, custom rock mining sounds, custom rock breaking sounds


Improved brightness The game should be less of an eye strain now

New blocks - stone path stairs and glass slabs

Full game updates list

  • Feature: Animal husbandry
    • Chicken now lay eggs every 8-15 days on the ground, be sure to check regularly though, as they disappear after 2 days
    • Chickens, Boars and Bighorn sheep can now be fed through troughs which will cause them to reproduce. Every generation you raise will become less afraid of the player (and should no longer be afraid after 50 generations)
      • Chicken: Feed with small trough, fill with any grain
      • Boars & Sheep: Feed with large trough, fill with any grain or dry grass
  • Feature: Cooking System
    • Added clay pot, can placed in a firepit to have 4 cooking slots available
    • Can now cook 4 kinds of meals which will yield the combined saturation and health gains when eaten.Here are the valid recipes. Note: the vegetable part encompasses all the crop vegetables, mushrooms, pumpkin and soybeans. Fill each slot with max. one item for one serving.
      • Porridge: 2-4 grain, 0-2 berry, 0-2 vegetable, 0-1 honey
      • Soup: 1 water (from bucket), 0-3 vegetable, 0-1 redmeat/poultry/egg
      • Stew: 2-4 redmeat/poultry, 0-2 eggs, 0-2 vegetables, 0-1 berry, 0-1 honey 
      • Vegetable Stew: 2-4 vegetable
    • To eat a meal, place the pot on the table and take a serving with a clay bow in hands, or vice versa
    • Don't forget, you can also cook multiple servings at once in the clay pot!
  • Feature: Improved dropped items
    • No longer bobbing and rotating
    • Cast shadows
    • Bob in the water instead
    • Are now larger
    • Added throw sound
    • Now push themselves out of blocks
  • Feature: Farming Improvements
    • Can now water farmland with watering cans, which makes it watered for 24 ingame hours
    • Creating farmland with the hoe is now animated and no longer instant
    • Crops take now twice as long to grow
    • New Crop: Cabbage. Can be found in loot vessels (seeds and farming vessels).
  • Feature: Food improvements
    • Bread is now in 3D
    • Meat is now in 3D and is now divided up in Bushmeat, Red meat and Poultry
  • Feature: Nutrient System
    • The player now has a base max health of 15 points
    • Different foods supply different nutrients. Eating a healthy balance of all foods will raise the max-hp to 25 points
    • In the character dialog one can now see the current nutrients levels
  • Feature: Basic Leaf Decay
    • Decays small chunks of leaves if a nearby leaves block has been broken. Large chunks of leaves still will keep floating in mid-air
  • Feature: Poultice
    • Now intended as the main healing item, crafted from reed/linen plus horsetail or honey+sulfur. Depending on ingredients it heals 2-7 hp
    • Nerfed honey bowl eating properties. Now only heals 0.5h instead of 4 hp, therefore gives 60 saturation.
  • Feature: Combat improvements
    • Hit feedback now instant (used to be 50-100 milliseconds delayed)
    • Greatly Improved spear attack animation. Actual impact now also delayed.
  • Feature: Mining improvements
    • Stones and Ingots are now 3D Models
    • Breaking ore/rock with a pick now plays a more distinct sound
    • Breaking and Hitting sounds can now differ. Added rock falling apart sounds upon breakage
    • More particles!
    • Mining with a pick sometimes creates sparks and a lot of sparks when trying to break a block whose mining tier is too high
  • Feature: Rusty gears now randomly spawn on cave floors
  • Feature: Added entity spawner block (creative mode only feature)
  • Feature: Improved chunk generation and chunk loading performance by 40 to 100%. (techical details: Worldgen now longer runs expensive sunlight flooding algos on empty chunks above ground (doubles chunk gen speed on a 2048 high creative world), Client now tesselates multiple chunks per tick if they are empty.)
  • Feature: Reduced lag spikes. Particularly when the game loads world chunks (technical details: the large object heap compacter tries to not compact during normal gameplay, increased the chunk data pool size and uncached chunk data elements are now released at a slower rate)
  • Feature: Improved bucketry
    • Buckets can now hold honey
    • Easier to create dough as the recipe is shapeless and just consumed 1 out of 10 litres of water from the bucket
    • Can be thrown in water for filling
  • Feature: Left click drag item stacks to evenly distribute them
  • Feature: Better Lava Graphics - now more glowy and bubbly
  • Feature: Improved godray shader performance by ~25%
  • Feature: Improved overall cpu performance by ~1.5% (technical detail: Now using Environment.TickCount instead of Stopwatch.EllapseMs in chunk.Unpack() which is way more performant. Since Unpack() is called *very* often inside a lock(), it seem to have caused notable lock contention of 2.5seconds over a 2 minute period. This is now down to 80ms)
  • Feature: The game now remembers the maximized window state
  • Feature: Added credits page
  • Feature: Can now hold CTRL + Left/Right cursor to jump words when editing text
  • Feature: Improved crash reporter, now also displays the last 3 entries of the event log, should help us find hard to track crashes
  • Feature: Block info hud now also shows infos on the targeted entity
  • Tweak: Increased overall brightness of the game by 25%
  • Tweak: Gameplay Balancing changes
    • Wolves, Hyenas and Foxes now drop less nutritious bush meat
    • Boosted worldgen spawn rates for chicken by 50%
    • Reduced respawn rates of creatures
      • Hyenas 33% less
      • Locusts 65% less
      • Chicken, Boards and Bighorn sheep: 70% less
    • Log => Firewood recipe now yields 4 firewood instead of 3
    • Halved the health gain from vegetables
    • Fixed Smelting quartz in the Bloomery yielding half as much glass than it should have
    • Breaking a harvestable skep now returns some of the cattails
    • Knifes now break plant blocks a little faster, including reeds. E.g. iron knife gets a 2x break speed boost
    • Buffed arrows: 
      • Chicken now drop 6 feathers instead of 4
      • Arrows that impacted creatures now have a 50% chance of not getting destroyed. 65% chance for metal arrows. Used to be 0% for either
  • Tweak: Coordinate hud now displays absolute y position
  • Tweak: Standing still now drains saturation 3 times slower
  • Tweak: Reduced default mouse smoothing value from 50 down to 30
  • Tweak: Beehives are now a bit more informative - they will now show if the hive is going to swarm
  • Tweak: Shovel and Axe smithing recipes now only require 1 ingot to smith
  • Tweak: 3 new tabs in the creative inventory: Creatures, Tools, Clothing
  • Tweak: Added a writable check for savegames for better error reporting
  • Tweak: Standing still now drains saturation 3 times slower
  • Tweak: Axe and Shovel smithing recipes are now smaller so that they only consume 1 ingot
  • Tweak: Can now transfer a portion from a held bucket into a placed bucket
  • Tweak: Added command .reload sounds
  • Tweak: Added glass slabs and path stairs
  • Tweak: New chop sounds when chopping a tree with an axe
  • Tweak: Straw dummies can now be picked up by their owner with sneak+right click. Pre 1.7 dummies can be picked by anyone.
  • Fixed: Might fix the issue where a multiplayer server sends a disconnect message to the client but the client only errors with "No bytes were received"
  • Fixed: Filling multiple wooden buckets in the same slot deleting all but 1 bucket
  • Fixed: 3rd person camera clipping into the terrain in some cases
  • Fixed: The check to ensure that Vintage Story runs only once was not working
  • Fixed: Scrolling through creative inventory with mousewheel now consistent and independent of total height
  • Fixed: Protected areas (through land claiming) not reverted on the client side, making it look like breaking/using blocks suceeded
  • Fixed: Worldedit mirroring of slabs and trapdoors did not work correctly
  • Fixed: Raw clay blocks not blocking light
  • Removed: Crafting recipe for grass covered soil blocks
  • Removed: server.sh - replaced with server-old.sh
  • Removed: Player starting bread. Therefore the player is not hungry for the first 12 minutes (unless he dies)

Mod API Updates

  • Feature: The survival inventory now has a scrollbar, allowing ~infinite extension of the survival inventory
  • Feature: Player start items are now moddable (survival/config.json)
  • Feature: Vanilla mods refactor. There is now an VSEssentials mod that includes the json asset loader code, which used to be in the survival mod. Survival mod can now be disabled and that also disables all the survival assets, without disabling the json asset loader. TL;DR: More Blank Slate engine! \o/
  • Feature: Added variant groups system also for Entities \o/
  • Feature: Refactored random block color system. Now has a notably cleaner api.
  • Feature: Mods are now sorted by dependency again
  • Feature: Added api methods api.TesselatorManager.GetDefaultBlockMeshRef() and api.TesselatorManager.GetDefaultItemMeshRef(),
  • Feature: Added new api methods that lets you more conveniently update the texture atlas during runtime:
    • CompositeTexture.RuntimeBake()
    • ITextureAtlasAPI.InsertTexture()
  • Feature: New particle property - particles can now spawn new particles upon death. See Lava block as example.
  • Feature: Refactored all attack/interact methods of Blocks and Items they now take in the ref argument EnumHandHandling handling that gives you more fine grained control over the engines behavior. Removed the boolean return value as it is now obsolete.
  • Feature: Crafting recipes now allow multiple wildcards in the ingredients
  • Feature: Buckets can now handle modded liquids
  • Feature: Block hit/break sounds are now separate. Can now have tool specific block hitting/breaking sounds. See rock.json for example
  • Tweak: Highlight blocks system now also available client side
  • Tweak: Converted most of the client side events to C#-Style Events, sorry for the breakage
  • Tweak: Smeltables/Cookables can now have a maxTemperature (example: cooking pot)
  • Fixed: Removed hardcoded check on entity render LoadShape thing (as found by doan)
  • Fixed: Block json property AllowSpawnCreatureGroups not properly loaded. 

New recipes:
(Clay pot and watering can are made with clayforming)

0-recipe-largetrough.png.d821a68c7069171386f73c84ab833191.png0-recipe-smalltrough.png.72b9e041eabc845f79bfba7764caa319.png 0-recipe-linen-honey-sulfur-poultice.png.4940550465bf2cc111ac94a93ab7a822.png0-recipe-reed-honey-sulfur-poultice.png.ccc02c5a1f328f48e69d49e0b056fd92.png0-recipe-horsetail-reed-poultice.png.196b84a7c6847a9e8bf3bb75ad41d2bd.png0-recipe-horsetail-linen-poultice.png.d503fc7efca323d44b2d0c529c62f49d.png0-recipe-stonepathstairs.png.a12f783ffc8cfe9d8bb13ee5f7c2b4a7.png0-recipe-glassslabs.png.58199ac43edb1a8a746c18fa0c138cf4.png

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